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Temperatures nearing upper seventies have us ready for walking tours down music row, strolling the shops in 12 South, exploring Nashville's awesome park systems, evening shows at Ascend Amphitheater and ... impromptu Guest House deck sessions featuring some of Nashville's  most up and coming names. We wanted to share the energy and give you readers something to carry you through the work week. Feel free to send us any new music on Facebook and Instagram! 

Checkout Nashville locals and friends of Guest House on this playlist- Daniel Ellsworth and the Great Lakes, Daniella Mason, and Yon Ort. Also, if you haven't heard the new album "Shape the Future" by Nightmares on Wax, you should mess with the whole thing! 




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WELCOMING FALL 2017, in support of STAY INN -- an outdoor party series by Guest House.

We are jazzed to bring you the STAY INN playlist as a taste of our upcoming outdoor party series. This playlist starts off chill and sultry with Beacon's  (Ghostly Intl / VN. Mgmt) "Marion", moving on to a sprinkling of some spicy chai R&B from Nashville local R.LUM.R "Close Enough." Our friend Erick Wilson aka Yon Ort (👀) continues the local love with his first single "What You Feel," and it feels so good.

The dance party picks up wth new music from Body Language, gets weird with Four Tet, then takes us even 'Higher' with Mondo Cozmo. Finally, we let our semi-local friends Tennis, by way of Denver (...we will claim you) take you home with their sexy new dance track "No Exit".

Be on the look out for media from our first Stay Inn party featuring DJ Brent James with a cameo from Jason Huber of Cherub. Sign Up for THE GUEST LIST below!  



Summer is here and hot chicken can literally be fried on the streets of Broadway. Music City is warm to put it mildly, but the way we see it you’ve got one option; SWEAT IT OUT, while trying to play it cool

Lawn Daze is here for you. Consider it your subterranean sound of the next few months while you lay low in your backyard and take turns in the mini-pool. Cold beer in hand. 

Featuring local faves Biyo’s new hit ‘Moments’, Los Colognes’ ‘Flying Apart’, and those new guys WONDR debuting their ‘Moves'. We’re also stoked to see Foster the People circling back around with a few new jams. And of course, anything Nick Murphy and/or Kaytranada is an instant ‘go’.  Check your ego cuz’ we’re ALL sweaty. Enjoy.