Michael Jackson


The new guys in town, WONDR MUSIC, stopped by to talk all things Nashville, their new single, and how they hotel-hang. 


We can't start this without asking, how did you all meet? 

We actually met in college our freshman year at Belmont through some mutual friends. We lived in the same dorm where a group of us started playing NBA Jam almost daily and all became tight after the first semester. Our core group is pretty much all our friends from freshman year. We both messed around with music our freshman year, but started making music together our Senior year (2016). I (Nick) actually wanted to manage Ryan at first. He did a semester in Brooklyn and when he came back, his rapping and producing were both next level. He asked me to be his hype man for a Halloween show and from there we both kinda decided this is what we wanted to do. 

Every artists' favorite question (ha); Where do you draw inspiration from? 

A lot of what I write about is basically a way of expressing my surroundings, or what I hope to be surrounded by in the future. I draw inspiration from previous and current relationships with girls, friends, and the constant drive for success. -Ryan

A lot of what we talk about is relationship driven, but I'm inspired by a lot of different things. Whether it's something I read or a conversation I had, I find inspiration in a lot of different places. Especially in cool ass rooms like SoBro. -Nick


If you were to book out the Guest House (24 rooms... dead or alive), Who would it be? 

1. Matthew McConaughey

2. Michael Jackson

3. Prince

4. Andre 3000

5. The Friends Cast (1994)




1. Anderson Paak

2. Tim Duncan

3. Aziz Ansari

4. James Franco

5. Sierra Skye



What’s the worst thing you’ve ever seen in a hotel room? 

Montezuma Tequila... Spring Break Junior year it was the cheapest tequila we could find. We bought a handle and it sat on our night stand the rest of our trip.  Every time we walked into the room it was just a terrible reminder of the best and worst eight dollars we'd ever spent. 


Next stop on your travel list? 

We’re trying to plan a trip to Greece in August, but for the Fourth of July we're planning on going to Charleston, SC. Go Cocks.


What MUST be in your fridge at all times?

A dozen eggs, BBQ sauce (gotta have some sauce), almond milk, spinach, zucchini lasagna, and chicken. We've both got really into cooking cause we're trying to save some money and it's been pretty cool learning different recipes. 


What’s next on the music front? 

Now that we're both fully committed to making music we've had a lot of time to create. The plan is to just keep making music and dropping singles every month or so and put out another music video soon too!