Known as country music’s mecca, Nashville has somehow become fertile ground for pop artists like Daniella Mason. She’s written for Nick Jonas and toured with Demi Lovato, but now she’s stepping out on her own. Last October, Daniella released her first full-length self-titled record. Today, she premieres the video for her track, “Nightshapes,” in which she explores the monotonous, yet pivotal intimate moments of relationships. Her ethereal voice is backed by trickling electronic melodies, and scenes featuring her co-writer/guitarist/husband, Chris.

“The inspiration behind ‘Nightshapes’ is a bit peculiar as it was technically inspired by a trip to the chiropractor. One night when I was half asleep, I had this crazy realization about my husband and our 10-year relationship and how we had fallen into this beautiful, seasoned rhythm that had become so telepathic it was crossing over into our sleep. I realized that we were unconsciously mirroring each other or moving together… he would roll over and then I would roll over… our limbs would intertwine and then untangle in sync, almost like a dance. Soon after this mid-night epiphany, we saw our x-rays at the chiropractor and noticed that our spines curved in the exact same way, just in opposite directions so that the curves were facing each other. Coupled with my recent nightshapes realization moment, it was almost too much to handle. I thought it was the most poetic, weird little picture and I brought the idea into my next writing session. The producer, Sarah Emily, immediately said, ‘It’s like your spines are parentheses,’ and the song just came together in what seemed like minutes.”

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