Is there a front desk?

No, there is no front desk… not in the traditional sense of a front desk, but we do have a very attentive team of individuals monitoring your arrival, your stay, and your departure. If you need us just send us an email. If it’s an emergency, then please use the phone number provided to you in your confirmation email or call us here: (615) 669-6386

What services do you offer?

Our housekeeping team will service your room once during your stay for up to three days. Stays longer than three days, will incur an additional cleaning fee.

How do I book my reservation?

Book direct HERE! You will need to provide your email address and the mobile number of the phone you will be carrying with you to Nashville.

How do I check in? 

We don’t have a front desk, or 24-hour onsite staff, so you will need to follow the instructions below: 

  1. 24 hours prior to your arrival, you will be sent an email containing your access information (suite number and door code). It's really that simple.

  2. Our check-in time is 4pm, however, early check ins are accommodated based upon availability.

  3. If you arrive late at night, no problem. You have all of your details, so just come on in!

 What if I need to cancel my reservation? 

We kindly ask that you cancel with at least a 7-day notice in advance of your arrival. Cancellations within this period will incur a full forfeiture of your stay.

What is your parking policy? 

Parking is free, but limited to one space per room. You'll be provided with one parking pass in your suite to be placed on your dashboard. Please note that parking is “first come, first serve” and not guaranteed. Additional paid parking can be found nearby and within walking distance of the Guest House.                                


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